Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Film, Best Director

Usually, when a movie that i have been really looking forward to releases, I invariably make it a point to watch it the 1st weekend, if not the 1st day. Reason? Simple. I dont want myself to get a feedback (even 'a great movie' or 'a wasted 250 bucks' kind) from anybody but me. Well, it took me a while to see Avataar. I wasnt able to make up my mind if I wanted to see it. Finally the muharat arrived, and I watched the apparent phenomenon called Avataar. I have always believed Mr Cameron has the best eye for detailing, Avataar being no exception. But somewhere in generating the effects, he loses a grip of the plot, sometimes even why he began making the movie in the 1st place. But undoubtedly, the detailing in this movie are, by far, one of the best i have seen in a fantasy - thriller, if i might call it the that. That said, I really dont see why it should be nominated in the same league along side the master piece called Inglourious Basterds, or even Sherlock Holmes, for the categories of Best Film, Best Director, etc. What is worst, is that it might even ends up winning. Maybe the reason is the same as back home why 3 Idiots gets nominated in the same category as Kaminey and Dev D. Worst, that too, ends up winning.

That i think is the curse of awards and recognition, and the able jury (sarcasm intended).