Thursday, August 26, 2010

FFL: Roark: One

Stuck. In the rut. Dissatisfied with almost everything around me. 7-10 years back, the aspirations and expectations from life were either zero or completely different. As the world expanded, they kept drifting and changing. As the world opened, I explored more. I realized that there is much more to life than sitting on that chair and gazing out of the window. But reaching out to any of it needs a lot of courage and disregard to people, relationships and emotions – yours and others.
Have finally crossed the 40 page mark in Fountainhead. And have realized that Roark ‘s arrogance is uncalled for. Maybe its too early for me to judge him. A complete disregard to the system, society and set norms is justified. But u cannot refuse to look at what’s happened in the past. How will u not repeat the mistakes that others have made in design, if you don’t read / discuss about them? Or are u so unbelievably arrogant that you think you can never go wrong?

Friday, June 25, 2010

No Name

Thats what i wrote (for the 1st time ever in life i went public with my writing) for this group by a school friend on FB. the group's by the name of Krishna Within Me. the group is actually his inspiration for his graphic novel, at the same time it talks of inspiration n humane touches of looking around for God. and how each one of us, has our own version of The Almighty. i kinda liked it.

10:45 a.m. 21st May 2010. A mad, filthy looking rag picker enters an almost crowded 1st class ladies compartment in the local train, at an extremely crowded Andheri stn. The women inside create a ruckus. Some express their annoyance aloud at the others standing on the door as to why did they let the hag enter. One of them gets up, amidst this constant bickering, attempts to drag the hag off the train. Others are standing around, unsure of touching her, as she does look filthy and mentally unstable. She succeeds, of course with the assistance of another gentleman standing on the platform. No policemen in sight available for help, like forever they ain’t around when u need them the most. Was this the snobbishness of the 1st class, or a simple act of self-preservation by the passengers? I wonder. I wasn’t sure which side to go throughout this episode, so ended up being a silent spectator to this all. At the end, found myself even more agitated for not being able to take a stand.
Or are we all victims of urbanization, where smaller acts of humanity are doing a vanishing act? In our haste to reach our destinations and meet our own personal needs, are we ignoring the call for help that others need?

Title Credit : Saurabh Deb

Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Film, Best Director

Usually, when a movie that i have been really looking forward to releases, I invariably make it a point to watch it the 1st weekend, if not the 1st day. Reason? Simple. I dont want myself to get a feedback (even 'a great movie' or 'a wasted 250 bucks' kind) from anybody but me. Well, it took me a while to see Avataar. I wasnt able to make up my mind if I wanted to see it. Finally the muharat arrived, and I watched the apparent phenomenon called Avataar. I have always believed Mr Cameron has the best eye for detailing, Avataar being no exception. But somewhere in generating the effects, he loses a grip of the plot, sometimes even why he began making the movie in the 1st place. But undoubtedly, the detailing in this movie are, by far, one of the best i have seen in a fantasy - thriller, if i might call it the that. That said, I really dont see why it should be nominated in the same league along side the master piece called Inglourious Basterds, or even Sherlock Holmes, for the categories of Best Film, Best Director, etc. What is worst, is that it might even ends up winning. Maybe the reason is the same as back home why 3 Idiots gets nominated in the same category as Kaminey and Dev D. Worst, that too, ends up winning.

That i think is the curse of awards and recognition, and the able jury (sarcasm intended).